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Great architecture feeds a great lifestyle.

Austin deck concept shown from the top


Austin deck rendering from back side

Here is the design rendering for this beautiful deck by Archadeck of Austin from another angle.

We always welcome the opportunity to be able to work hand in hand with a skilled architect. We welcome the opportunity to work with customers whose architect developed a plan for their outdoor living space. However, often, the homeowner will bring in the landscaping plan which was drawn up by their landscape architect and based on this Archadeck of Austin incorporates an  outdoor living space to fit in with their landscaping. The dilemma with this is that it is best to design the outdoor structure first and then customize the landscaping to fit in with the structure’s style and dimensions as well as that of the existing home.

In the case of this homeowner, they came to us while they were still in process with another contractor that had left them frustrated because of the number of mistakes they were seeing. These homeowners brought their architect’s design to the table along with the confidence that we could turn this project into something they could be proud of.


This photo shows the vision from the original architects drawing.

When we received their architect’s design, we put it through our standards and structural warranty design process that Archadeck of Austin does with all it’s plans and also drew a set of plans that fit our criteria for loading and other structural aspects.

The structure Archadeck of Austin is  building for these  homeowners is a 1,000 square foot Tigerwood deck. It will have a roof over the dining area portion which is right off the homes master bedroom. The deck will also have a cooking area on the other end. There is a split level staircase. There will be a roof structure that will be over the dining area and a shade structure over the entire remainder of the deck. The shade structure is quite unique in that it uses a truss system of framing in order to maintain the size of the structure using minimal posts. The most unique feature of this deck is that when most people build a deck, you don’t want to see any framing that is visible, on this deck the details of the framing will be one of the main focal points of the structure. We are using large 8 x 8 beams, opposed to the usual 6 x 6 that are commonly used. The beams are made of Douglas Fir and all the framing is oversized to take on a personality of its own to accentuate the entire structure. The beams are kept from actually touching the ground by the addition of custom-made steel. The structure will use a bullwire railing system to maximize the view. The deck will have a  beautiful non-obtrusive view of a canyon.


Archadeck of Austin is busy at work making this dream a reality for these Austin homeowners.

The homeowners’ desire is for an architectural look that also has the characteristics of age-old craftsmanship. In most cases a structure can either possess architectural quality or functional quality, this structure will have both.The beauty of the framing system in itself, alone is worth talking about.  Great architecture like this  feeds great living. When you have a home that is well designed and well-built by an experienced builder, you live well in it. Where there are focal details and striking architectural beauty, it makes you living experience even better. Adversely, the same is true. When you have a detail that you just aren’t happy with, these small elements can detract from your living experience. This is why it is so crucial to start with great architecture and design, it can make a world of difference in the way you think, feel and live day-to-day.


Another angle from the design rendering shows attention to every detail.

If you have an architect’s drawing already done in anticipation of building your outdoor structure Archadeck of Austin can turn that rendering into a reality. Even if you don’t have an architects drawing, our talented design team can create a drawing and rendering and plans based on what you have in mind. We are a full service outdoor structure company that can consult, design, plan and build the outdoor structure of your dreams. Contact Archadeck of Austin to learn more (512) 259-8282

Jim Odom Archadeck of Austin

Jim Odom Archadeck of Austin

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Tigerwood becomes the talk of the town in this Bee Cave, TX community

Tigerwood deck in Bee Cave, TX by Archadeck of Austin

It is clearly evident that style and elegance can be contagious. Within the Falcon Head West community of Bee Cave, TX nearly all the residents that live in the same cul-de-sac came down with the same symptoms,  a yearning for the simple, elegant and classic sensibility which entails the desire to have a deck made of Tigerwood.


Design rendering prepared for these homeowners in Bee Cave, TX depicting their future tigerwood deck

These homeowners in Bee Cave, TX  contacted Archadeck of Austin when they initially built their home and once they closed on the house we began work right away on the deck when they moved in. It is always nice to have your entire home ready and waiting when it is time to move into your new house, including any outdoor structures.   The Falcon Head West community is an upscale neighborhood in Bee Cave, TX and has a very hilly terrain. These homeowners decided upon a tigerwood deck because of its classic beauty and sensibility. We built a two-story deck and decked over an existing patio with sleeper framing. The final dimensions in length on this new deck came to a substantial 48′ long.


This photo shows the diagonal design and custom railing on this tigerwood deck in Bee Cave, TX

We installed the decking in a stunning diagonal pattern and alternated 4″ and 6″ boards for even more of a custom look to accommodate the varying widths. The railing is a tigerwood Deckorator panel rail which we constructed on site with black aluminum pickets. We finished up the structure with lattice skirting because this is a requirement within the neighborhoods HOA (Home Owners Association) guidelines. The homeowner opted to stain the new deck himself.

Upon completion of the new deck, four of this homeowners neighbors decided to add a tigerwood deck to their home as well. What is it they say about first impressions? Choosing a tigerwood deck not only adds beauty to your home with the woods natural rich and exotic hues, tigerwood is an example of  classic fine wood at it’s best.


Tigerwood's contagious rich hues and elegance are apparent in this photo

If you are considering a new deck or a re-deck, tigerwood is a stunning option. It is durable, resilient and has rich hues that exude elegance and refinement. Contact Archadeck of Austin to learn more about decks and other outdoor living structures. Call us at (512) 259-8282 or email us at

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Archadeck of Austin agrees that composites have come a long way baby

Archadeck of Austin re-decking in Leander, TX with TimberTech Twin Finish

Here at Archadeck of Austin we receive calls from homeowners wondering if they can re-deck their existing deck. There are many reasons why homeowners want to re-deck. Sometimes it is because their existing decking  is splitting, warping, discolored and showing signs of damage, but in some cases it is just because they want to change the look of their outdoor space and let the deck serve a new purpose. In some cases even if your decking boards are in bad shape your foundation itself can still be in good shape. Whatever the reason for wanting to re-deck may be Archadeck of Austin has limitless choices and designs to suit any taste with superb materials to boot.

When it comes to thinking about re-decking, one word comes to mind – composites. Today’s composites have come a long way. The early plastic looking composites are a thing of the past. Composites are extremely low maintenance and worry free. They will not rot or warp. Composites also have unsurpassed mildew and mold resistance as well as resistance to insects and fungi. Composites won’t ever need to be stained or stripped and are easy to wash, just a little soap and water and they are good as new. Composites also carry some of the longest warranties on their decking boards within the industry. There is something else that seems almost too good to be true when it comes to today’s composites as well and that is their beauty. Technology has taken the look of composites to a whole new level with rich wood tones and graining that looks so realistic it leaves you questioning if it is real wood.

Fiberon_Horizon_Composite_Ipe_color_deck_in_Austin_TX(2)                   Real_Ipe_Hardwood_deck_in_Austin_TX

Can you tell which one of these is the Fiberon Horizon Ipe composite and which one is real Tigerwood?


Before Archadeck of Austin completed the re-decking for these customers in Leander,TX

We recently completed a re-decking for a wonderful retired couple in Leander, TX. who had an existing wood deck that was a little worse for wear. The deck was grayed out, faded, decayed, rotting and was behind on maintenance. They decided to take a look into re-decking with composite so they would not have to worry about maintenance.

We met with the couple and did an inspection of the deck. The frame of the deck was completely structurally sound and suitable for re-decking. We re-decked the structure with TimberTech Twin Finish in the redwood color and used a combed surface composite that carried a bit of red tine through it, to simulate the look of real wood. We also built planters and benches to open up the view of the yard so the couple would not feel as if they were boxed in.


The finished deck after re-decking with TimberTech Twin Finish composite

The final results of this composite re-deck are breathtaking. The homeowners said ” it made the whole house feel cleaner and lighter”. Not only do they get the beauty  of a composite deck to enjoy every day, they no longer have to worry about laborious maintenance. They now have more time to enjoy their backyard, and their retirement.

If you are considering re-decking your existing deck, consider composites. I am sure you will be impressed and elated all at the same time. Contact Archadeck of Austin to find out more about composites or any other outdoor structure you are considering. Call (512) 259-8282 or email us at

Archadeck of Austin Focus’ on the Fierce Exotic Beauty of Tigerwood

Old man Webster defines a tiger as a large, carnivorous, tawny-colored and black-striped feline. The definition of wood is the hard, fibrous substance composing the stem and branches of a tree or shrub. Now what do you think you get when you mix the two together? The result is Tigerwood, astronium lecointel, one of the finest quality hardwoods available.

Tigerwood deck by Archadeck of Austin

Tigerwood is an exotic and extremely durable Brazilian hardwood. One of the most striking features of this wood is the unique golden-brown to reddish-brown coloring with exotic black and brown streaks, as fiercely beautiful as it’s namesake. Over time these hues will deepen adding warmth and more depth to the coloring.

Close up of Tigerwood

Not only coveted for it’s beauty, Tigerwood is naturally resistant to rot and decay. It also will not attract mold or fungus. This wonderfully resilient wood has a lifespan of over 25 years without preservatives. Archadeck of Austin is proud to be able to offer this product to you for your decking and outdoor structure needs. We have been working with this wonderful Brazilian hardwood for sometime now, with great results. We only see close similarities in working with Tigerwood as we do when we use Ipe. We are also excited about this product because of the “green” aspect of the harvesting.

Tigerwood deck by Archadeck of Austin

Tigerwood is only harvested from responsibly managed forests so we can offer a truly renewable resource to you, the consumer.

If you would like to find out more about the many places you can use Tigerwood to beautify your surroundings or if you have already decided to use Tigerwood on your deck or upcoming outdoor endeavors, give us a call. We can help you grab the tiger by the tail and become king of your jungle.

Archadeck of Austin walks away with gold

Austin deck with stucco skirting

Austin deck with stucco skirting

Each year owners from Archadeck’s around the country, now numbering 58 locations, assemble for a national conference.  One of the exciting things we do is have a design contest.

Design consultants from offices across the country enter their best projects for decks and porches , which were scrutinized by the toughest judges we know – our peers.  The Austin Team has been the recipient of many of these awards in years past and this year was no exception. We took first place on the deck design with a beautiful 3-level composite deck with Fiberon Ipe decking and stucco skirting to perfectly  match the house exterior.

Austin Fiberon IPE deck with planters

Austin Fiberon IPE deck with planters

No project is worth its salt if it does not look like an original part of the home. The Austin Team strives to make this a reality in every job we undertake.  When finished, this deck provided the owners with additional living space that opened up a lovely back yard view, bringing the outdoors in as a significant addition to their living space.  Who wouldn’t enjoy relaxing in some cushy outdoor furniture, drinking a cool beverage, at the end of a hectic day?

Here’s another photo of this lovely deck. Can’t you just see yourself here?
Austin deck seating area made with Tigerwood

Austin deck seating area made with Fiberon Horizon Ipe Composite

Austin deck - Tigerwood deck with IPE deck cover

Austin covered porch – Tigerwood Deck with T1-11 pine siding under the roof, exterior to match the

This is proof positive that design excellence is forefront in our mind.   Our customers get a beautifully crafted, custom designed outdoor living space; professionally managed with a superior level of customer service, and backed by a strong warranty.  For Archadeck of Austin, it’s all about making design a reality and making that lifestyle you want come true.

Archadeck | Outdoor Living – the way you imagined it

Like what you see?  Give us a call and we will be glad to meet you for a free consultation to discuss your design ideas.  Contact us at:

(512) 259 – 8282 • email:

More pictures of our winning designs:

Austin deck multi-level IPE deck with planters and stucco skirting

Austin deck multi-level IPE deck with planters and stucco skirting

Here’s another picture of the second place winner:

Don’t make your trees work around your new deck. Make your new deck work around your trees.

Archadeck built this deck to work with the mature trees in this yard

Archadeck built this deck to work with the mature trees in this yard

The railing of the deck above is beautiful and has a very interesting feature. The railing is specially tailored to work with the gorgeous tree in the yard. As you can see in the video above, the yard had several of these old trees and one hung over where the deck was going to be built.

One of the things Marc Mommsen noted to me when he was telling me this deck is what went in to modifying the railing to fit this cut out area. The metal pickets only came in the larger size. So they had to cut the rails, heat them and re-bend them for the new smaller size.

Metail railing modified and re-bent to fit new smaller size

Metal railing modified and re-bent to fit new smaller size

This is the great thing about getting a custom project by a custom builder. You don’t have to make a stock product work for you. Make the builder work for you so that everything fits with your lifestyle, your yard, and your outdoor living needs and wants.

Tigerwood deck in Austin TX by Archadeck of Austin

Tigerwood deck in Austin TX by Archadeck of Austin

As far as materials go, this deck incorporates the very popular tigerwood – a Brazilian hardwood with an exceptionally long lifespan. The tigerwood is also used for the rail caps and cedar is used for the posts. The tigerwood planks are a full inch thick and they are used in a 6-4 pattern. Six-inch wide planks alternate with 4-inch wide planks for nice aesthetic detail.

Because this deck is very wide, an inlay is used toward the middle for an attractive method of adjoining multiple planks made necessary by the extensive width of the deck. Here is another video of Marc discussing this technique.

Give us a call for design ideas for your outdoor space. The consultation is always free.

More importantly – Happy holidays from all of us here at Archadeck of Austin!


Tigerwood deck Austin TX

Tigerwood deck Austin TX

Tigerwood is one of the finest quality hardwoods available. Here in the Austin area, Tigerwood is a top choice for our customers for their decks, pergolas, covered patios and various other outdoor structures. Lots of our customers are now asking for hard woods for their exterior projects. Hardwoods are extremely durable and have very long lifespans. Tigerwood has a 25+ year lifespan. That means that in many cases, your deck will still be standing after you may have moved to a new home.

Tigerwood is a very dense hardwood. As a matter of fact, if you drop tigerwood into a pool, it will sink. It’s very dense and very strong.

Tigerwood hardwood exotic color

Tigerwood hardwood exotic color

What accounts for Tigerwood being in such high demand?
Tigerwood is an exotic extremely durable Brazilian hardwood. It features a unique light golden-brown to reddish-brown coloring with exotic black and brown streaks. This is where it gets its name Tigerwood because of the coloring and unique but subtle stripe pattern. Tigerwood is responsibly harvested from managed forests to provide a truly renewable resource. It’s naturally resistant to rot & decay and will not attract mold and fungus.

Exotic hardwoods
You may have heard of IPE. IPE is also a Brazilian hardwood but it has no additional benefits and is significantly more expensive.

I want to show you one of the Tigerwood hardwood decks we recently built in Barton Creek. Here’s Mark Mommsen showing you the deck and talking a little about the project.

The deck includes multiple “living areas”. In the video, Mark is talking about standing in the lower octagon. That area was made as a quiet sitting area overlooking the canopy of the trees.  This deck is actually built on a very steep slope that quickly drops off to a creek running down below. The second living area of this deck is the outdoor fireplace area. The third living area on this deck is the pergola section which includes a bar, electricity, ceiling fans and a great deal of seating area. Over in the middle area between the outdoor fireplace and the pergola section can be used for another sitting area or just to give some breathing room between the multiple living areas on the deck.

Tigerwood deck and pergola in Austin's Barton Creek

Tigerwood deck and pergola in Austin's Barton Creek

What you’re looking at above is the seating and covered pergola section of the deck. You can see the extremely steep drop-off to the left side. From the entire deck area, you can hear the stream trickling below.

Tigerwood deck and pergola in Austin, TX

Tigerwood deck and pergola in Austin, TX

Above, you see the deck furnished and it’s easier to see the extended bar area around the perimeter of this section of the deck. You can see how large of an area this is since they are able to fit both bar stools and a table.

Tigerwood lower deck in Austin multi-level deck

Tigerwood lower deck in Austin multi-level deck

The photo above shows the reading area portion of the deck. The area is separated by stairs to put the seating/reading area on a different elevation. This helps create privacy and a feeling of being in a separate living space.

Tigerwood deck in Austin, TX

Tigerwood deck in Austin, TX

Finally, above you’ll see the deck area between the pergola/eating area and the quiet lower reading and sitting area.

Jim Odom, Archadeck of Austin

Jim Odom, Archadeck of Austin

Give us a call for a free quote on your next project. (512) 259 – 8282.


Thinking about adding a spa and a covered patio for the holiday season? Nine critical considerations.

The best gift to give yourselves this holiday season could be an outdoor spa under a covered patio or pergola or on a deck or patio.

Austin outdoor spa with Tigerwood deck and pergola privacy feature

Austin outdoor spa with Tigerwood deck and pergola privacy feature

A lot of my customers think about adding a spa to their outdoor project and I’d like to walk you through some of the things to consider the same way as I do with my customers.

Circular spa with natural privacy barrier

Circular spa with natural privacy barrier

Consideration 1: spa size

The first thing to do with a spa is to consider the size of the spa that you want. Are you getting a spa for you or you and your spouse to relax and unwind or are you getting the spa to use while entertaining? The most common spa sizes we put in are either 8×8 or 9×9.

Consideration 2: location, location, location

The next thing you want to think about is location. In real estate, the house location is most important. When building a spa deck or adding a spa or hot tub to your outdoor area, the same motto applies – location, location, location.

Consideration 3: privacy

Whether when entertaining or when enjoying your hot tub in the privacy of your own yard, you will likely still want to build in some additional privacy. Think of an area where privacy can be attained naturally through trees and hedges or through building some minimal privacy walls

Wreath on privacy cattle wall

Wreath on privacy cattle wall

I want to add just a couple more ideas about privacy walls. There are so many ways we can build creative privacy walls. You don’t need your privacy wall to be completely apparent. If you notice with the round hot tub above, the privacy wall is actually the natural trees behind the tub location. We built this into the deck design. In the featured picture at the very top, this family wanted the opportunity to decorate a wall based on the various seasons. In the summer they would hang greenery. In the winter, they would decorate according to the holidays. So using the cattle panel, they had this flexibility.

Consideration 4: sun relief

Spas and hot tubs are not only for the colder months. You will enjoy your spa in the warmer months as well. Therefore, you want to think about sun relief. A pergola is often a nice option because you can enjoy the light of the sun but have a small amount of sun relief depending on whether you add a shield on top of the pergola.

Consideration 5: height of spa

Based on my experience, an 18″ recess above the deck or patio level is a great height of the spa. What this allows is a place for you and guests to sit on the side of the spa, remove shoes, and swing your legs around to enter the spa. Another nice thing about keeping the height of the spa low is this generally keeps the protruding height of the spa below window sill level so the spa is not an eyesore from inside the home.

Hot tub spa with deck and covered patio

Hot tub spa with deck and covered patio

Consideration 6: walkaround

You want to make sure to have at least a 4′ walkaround or possibly 6′ if you have a bench. You want to give you and your guests plenty of room to get into the spa and also to disrobe without having any safety or tripping hazards.

Consideration 7: cool-down bench

One thing that I find is very popular is a cool-down bench. This is a bench that sits directly adjacent to and above the spa where people can sit and cool off while still dangling their feet in the spa. They can rest and enjoy a nice cold water or cocktail or just cool down before returning to the spa.

When my customers are doing their research on which spa/hot tub to buy and where to buy it, I always tell them to do their research and I also share my research and experience. Each of the design consultants at Archadeck are free to recommend whichever stores they feel are best. After all, our reputation rests on our word, our designs, our build outs, our service, our TLC before during and after the build, our follow-up, and our recommendations. I take each of these tremendously seriously.

Consideration 8: spa/hot to brand research and selection

As far as which spa/hot tub brand I recommend, I recommend Dimension 1 spas and hot tubs exclusively. I’ve worked with them exclusively for 8 years and I’ve never had one complaint, callback or service call. For a spa store in Austin, I’ve had the same luck with A-Tex spas here in Austin. Since I installed the first A-Tex spa for one of my customers 8 years ago, their delivery and service have been impeccable. I always do recommend though that you do your own research. Once you select the spa you like, we take care of coordinating delivery and installation with your deck or other structure we’re building for you.

Consideration 9: Non hot-tubbers

Likely you plan on using your spa or hot tub for entertaining as well as for personal use. There will be some guests who can’t wait to jump right in. But you will have other guests who want to socialize with the hot-tubbers but want to socialize out of the hot tub. Create an easy place for your other guests to congregate and socialize with the folks in the hot tub. One great way is to build in a bar on one side of the hot tub.

Austin hot tub with bar

hot tubs with bar on one side for guests

When doing your research and considering which contractor/builder for your job, I think the design phase will make it really clear to you who you want to go with. Is the contractor willing to come out to your home and review your vision with you to come up with creative ideas like using one of your prized trees as a natural or green privacy wall? Will they do a CAD design drawing of what your project will look like? At Archadeck, we do these drawings ourselves. They can easily take upwards of 6-8-10 or even 12 hours but we just can’t help ourselves but being excited when we hear your vision and come up with a way to translate that into design. Will your builder give you references to call of other customers? Does your builder offer a standard warranty? These are all questions and considerations as well.