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The Importance and Impact of the Design Rendering is Immeasurable

The realism of the design rendering at work

I cannot even imagine presenting a job to a prospective client without the immeasurable aid of our custom design renderings. Through a custom designed rendering we can add in your furniture pieces, additional seating areas and even your grill. A properly composed rendering will show details and nuances not seen in a conventional one-dimensional drawing. Details such as elevation changes, and the direction of the swing on the doors.

Patio and fireplace rendering

Presenting a three-dimensional design rendering to our client gives them an opportunity to see their design true to life. This true to life rendering also gives them the opportunity to make changes to areas and details they normally wouldn’t be aware of until after the structure was completed, this way we get a better idea of exactly what the customer themself envisions.Another postive detail is that all our renderings come with landscaping ideas to help the homeowner envision the truly finished project.

An example of all the details shown in a design rendering

Archadeck of Austin prides itself on constructiing spaces large enough to fit your furniture and outdoor living lifestyle. Remember when you were ready to move into your “big” new house, and once all the furniture was in place the structure wasn’t so “big” anymore? We want the structure you get from us to be all that you imagined and everything it seems, meaning that we will make every effort to make certain your space has enough

Another design rendering by Archadeck of Austin

“flow” and “harmony” once the furnishings are moved into the space. Showing the space through the design rendering will give you the opportunity to maybe make that covered porch a little larger to accommodate that large outdoor seating ensemble you have, or the to add more room for that prized gas grill and smoker.

In essence the difference between a written description of what you are getting and a rendering is that more happens when a professional rendering is drawn to include emphasis and demonstration in true to life examples of how the details will be taken care of. If you are considering adding an outdoor or indoor space to your life, give Archadeck of Austina call to get a  realistic design rendering  of your structure today.Call (512) 259-8282.

Outdoor Kitchen Additon by Archadeck of Austin Takes a Pergola to the Flip-Side, With Stunning Results

Archadeck of Austin covered patio and outdoor kitchen

As you may already know the Texas state motto is “friendship”. Archadeck of Austin has created an outdoor living area that is all about friendship and entertaining. This unique structure boasts an outdoor kitchen and covered porch that is sure to draw this homeowner’s friends and family to their home like a magnet.

Outdoor bar detail, in kitchen area

These detailings were added to an old home that had an existing patio that was very long and had very high ceilings, about 16’ to the ceiling. We decided to enclose two ends of the patio because of the high winds that are common in this area. We then built an outdoor kitchen at one end and elevated the rear bar section of the outdoor kitchen.

The outdoor kitchen has a full-size refrigerator, a built-in sink, gas grill, side burner, storage and pull-out drawers. We used standard exterior porcelain tile with a bullnose edge and added a unique backsplash to the kitchen area. We used a combination of stone and stucco in the structure to break up the amount of stonework on the house itself.

Side view showing the "flip side" and innovative use of the pergola

The most unique feature of this structure is the innovative use of the pergola which you see hanging from the ceiling. We used the pergola in a hanging manner to help lower the ceiling in this massively high structure to “cozy” it up and make it more conducive to feeling like a gathering spot and to also use it to hang lighting features from and add light to the space. We had to install the pergola so it would not swing in the wind. We attached it using large iron chains secured from the pergola to the ceiling joists, we also added cross members between the chains to solidify the structure to ensure no swinging. The chains not only do the tough job of expertly securing the pergola, they also add a rustic charm to the feature.

Open air patio with bar

We then hung the pergola directly over the outdoor kitchen area. All the decorative elements were added to the pergola before we elevated it. The detailed light fixtures are actually made from the antlers of white-tailed deer, adding additional character to this already unique space, and  a great element to use as a conversation piece!

This structure is big on Texas style. The homeowner’s selection of wood, and stone add nature inspired beauty to this structure , as well as all the detailing that adds rustic charm. This space will be truly memorable to all who have the opportunity to enjoy it. If you are considering the addition of a “uniquely you” outdoor living space , give Archadeck of Austin a call, we can plan and construct a structure  for you that will  be memorable for years to come.Call (512) 259-8282

A double pergola build in Barton Creek West


Deck with pergola and additional pergola next to pool

Deck with pergola and additional pergola next to pool

We just finished a job in Barton Creek that I’m really excited about. What I love most about my job is design. Well, I guess that’s one of the two things I like most. I love getting to meet my customers and know their families and understand and fulfill their goals. I know that what we build for them will really change the way they live. They will spend more time outdoors and will make countless memories outside their home. It will essentially increase the size of their home.

Remove existing deck

When this customer purchased their home, they had a treated pine deck that was 7′ off the ground. The treated pine was all warped and the deck was very poorly supported by 4×4 posts. The joists were over-spanned causing a big sag in the deck. It was an eye-sore.

Goals and objectives…

Sun relief on 2 levels

At the beginning of a job, my customers always have an idea of what they would like to build. But what I like to do is back up and ask them how they want to live in their yard. Like many customers in Austin the most important design objective is relief from the sun. This family lived on two levels in their back yard. One level was the elevated deck and the second level was adjacent to the pool. Relief from the sun was needed on both levels.  So the first thing we decided was to build 2 pergolas – one at each level.

Deck stairs with landing and swing hung below elevated deck

Deck stairs with landing and swing hung below elevated deck

Pool access and stairs

After building outdoor structures for 18 years, I’ve learned many things from my customers and through experience in building. One of the things that is so often overlooked is access. How do the customers access their structure and how they access other their yard from the structure. At this home, the deck access was on the far side of the house – away from the pool. So, the first thing we discussed was moving the stairs to the far left side of the deck so the family could easily walk down the steps and right into the pool and lower level shade area. We also created a landing area on the stairs so we could make the stair area compact and not take away from the living area on the lower level. The customer wanted a hanging swing at the pool level which works nicely when a deck has head clearance. It looks great and it’s a nice shady spot to sit.

Pool pergola

Pool pergola

Lower level shade area

On the lower living area, the customer had an existing pool with concrete patio. Unfortunately, since there was no shade relief at all, they weren’t able to spend as much time there as they liked. So we extended the concrete patio over to the corner of the yard and created an additional flared pergola.

Upper level pergola

At the deck level, we had several objectives for the pergola. The homeowners wanted some privacy on the outer side but didn’t want to give up on the breeze from that direction. So we used a deco wall that allowed air flow to enjoy any breeze that comes from that direction. To add to the air flow and circulation, we added 2 ceiling fans. Finally, we wanted to create one last bit of sun relief on the upper deck. So we added an 18″ drop off the front of the pergola so they still had full visibility out into the yard, but relief from the setting sun. When the sun is at an angle, it still came into the living space.

Deck with pergola has ceiling fans and iron rails

Deck with pergola has ceiling fans and iron rails

Living outside

One small detail that makes a big difference is adding iron rails to a deck. You wouldn’t think that the width difference between iron rails and wood rails would make a big difference but it makes a huge difference in 2 ways. First, you have more visibility out into your yard. Secondly, you do not feel boxed into an area.

Before, the plan, and after.


Deck before being rebuilt

Deck before being rebuilt

Design plan:

Deck project design plan

Deck project design plan

New deck after completion:

New deck with pergolas after completion

New deck with pergolas after completion