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The Importance and Impact of the Design Rendering is Immeasurable

The realism of the design rendering at work

I cannot even imagine presenting a job to a prospective client without the immeasurable aid of our custom design renderings. Through a custom designed rendering we can add in your furniture pieces, additional seating areas and even your grill. A properly composed rendering will show details and nuances not seen in a conventional one-dimensional drawing. Details such as elevation changes, and the direction of the swing on the doors.

Patio and fireplace rendering

Presenting a three-dimensional design rendering to our client gives them an opportunity to see their design true to life. This true to life rendering also gives them the opportunity to make changes to areas and details they normally wouldn’t be aware of until after the structure was completed, this way we get a better idea of exactly what the customer themself envisions.Another postive detail is that all our renderings come with landscaping ideas to help the homeowner envision the truly finished project.

An example of all the details shown in a design rendering

Archadeck of Austin prides itself on constructiing spaces large enough to fit your furniture and outdoor living lifestyle. Remember when you were ready to move into your “big” new house, and once all the furniture was in place the structure wasn’t so “big” anymore? We want the structure you get from us to be all that you imagined and everything it seems, meaning that we will make every effort to make certain your space has enough

Another design rendering by Archadeck of Austin

“flow” and “harmony” once the furnishings are moved into the space. Showing the space through the design rendering will give you the opportunity to maybe make that covered porch a little larger to accommodate that large outdoor seating ensemble you have, or the to add more room for that prized gas grill and smoker.

In essence the difference between a written description of what you are getting and a rendering is that more happens when a professional rendering is drawn to include emphasis and demonstration in true to life examples of how the details will be taken care of. If you are considering adding an outdoor or indoor space to your life, give Archadeck of Austina call to get a  realistic design rendering  of your structure today.Call (512) 259-8282.

How many sides does a gazebo have?

This is an interesting question. How many sides does a gazebo have? Is it 6? Is it 8? The answer is that it can have any number of sides. It depends on how it’s designed.

When I first met Dan Schellenberg when I purchased Archadeck of Austin, I was impressed at what a genuinely nice guy he is. I also noted that he was very analytical and very detail oriented. He’s the type of guy to sit back and let others go first. So I asked him if he came from a large family and indeed he came from a family of 7. As we sat over pizza, he mentioned that his father could cut any pizza into 7 equal slices after raising a family with 5 kids that all loved pizza.

When Dan showed me this gazebo project he just finished, I studied the number of sides and became very perplexed. I stood under the gazebo and looked up at the ceiling and counted the number of panels or sides.

Austin Gazebo with 7 sides

Austin Gazebo with 7 sides

Indeed – 7! Did Dan’s father build this gazebo? How in the world did Dan come up with a 7-sided gazebo design? It’s simple. He paid extremely close attention to his customers envisioning how they would want to live in their new custom outdoor space.

The homeowners were a lovely couple. They were a little older and had grown children and a sprinking of grandchildren. Their door leading to the backyard had a small deck/patio. The new extended gazebo-covered deck would adjoin directly to that area.

Gazebo long side

Gazebo long side

Although that old area was too small to be a useful space, it presented a real problem for building the gazebo. Dan knew the homeowners would not want a gazebo post right in the middle of their walkway from the backdoor to their gazebo. So, he added a side to the gazebo and made it a long side.

Looking at the gazebo from the yard, you might never noticed the 7-sided design of the structure. But creating this long side allowed the family to walk freely from their home to the gazebo without having to see or walk around a post every time.

Gazebo in Austin TX

Gazebo in Austin TX

Here’s Dan talking about this project.