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Austin multi-level deck with pergola

Outdoor kitchen appliances

The addition of an outdoor kitchen can make your holiday, or special event hassle free with the convenience of a secondary food preparation area.

When you think about what motivates homeowners to make the decision to add an outdoor living area to their home and backyard, in many cases the motivating factor that drives them to act upon their decision is a holiday, party or event they have planned for the near future. Let’s say for instance with the holiday season just around the corner, a homeowner may decide to go ahead and add on that new deckcovered porch, or outdoor fireplace with a custom stone patio surround in anticipation of family and friends that are planning to visit and having the structure up and running will create a great place to relax and spend time with family and friends within a unique outdoor setting to make new memories together. It’s almost as though you have the indulgence of an extra “family room” with a unique outdoor setting. Could you imagine having an outdoor kitchen incorporated into your deck or patio that could serve as a secondary food preparation area on Thanksgiving? The hubby can fry the turkey in the outdoor kitchen, and be out of the way, while the lady of the house prepares all the sumptuous side dishes in the house. Having the function of an outdoor kitchen to take some of the stress out of the kitchen, especially if you prepare Thanksgiving dinner for a large crowd, can make “Turkey day” run as smooth as a french silk pie.

Wreath on privacy cattle wall

A spa deck such as this one by Archadeck of Austin can make your holiday party merry and bright

The beauty of our business is when a homeowner  approaches us and needs their outdoor endeavor completed within a specific time frame most of the time we are able to accommodate their request. We do absolutely everything we can to accommodate it. We always quote a lead time to begin and give an expected completion date and 90% of the time we meet it with 2 or 3 days.  Just this month we had a deck that was needed for a wedding, a restaurant deck for an opening last week, and a cabana finished for a party. This week we engaged on a job for a Christmas party mid December. In most cases, if you need it, Archadeck of Austin can have it ready for you within the time frame you need it.

covered patio cabana with outdoor fireplace austin

This cabana style patio cover makes the perfect spot for entertaining with an outdoor fireplace, and outdoor kitchen built right in.

Many outdoor structure builders hesitate to make these kind of promises to homeowners because they lack the project management that is necessary to make sure every aspect of your outdoor structure is run in a professional, timely manner. We make certain on all of our jobs that each specific layer of the building process is set up in the order it needs to be accomplished to avoid delays, and have wiggle room if a problem arises. The keys to being able to deliver what we promise are superior project management, frequent and effective communication with the homeowner, a solid design, and good weather.

Austin covered patio, deck and pergola

Ring in the New Year in style with a covered patio, deck and pergola by Archadeck of Austin

Wouldn’t the thought of having your New Year’s Eve bash under the cover of the warm Texas evening on your new deck sound enticing this year? If you dream it, we can build it. The bottom line is that if you need to get a job done to fit your individual schedule we can do it. Contact Archadeck of Austin to learn more and remember, we take care of everything but the weather. (512) 259 – 8282

Jim Odom Archadeck of Austin

Jim Odom Archadeck of Austin

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Austin Pressure-Treated Decks: The good, bad and the ugly.

Pressure treated pine is a lumber product that is extensively used in framing decks and anything that is in close proximity to the ground. Years ago it was commonly called “wolmanized”, which was a brand name and today it is branded as “YellaWood“.

Pressure treated deck Austin TX

Pressure treated deck Austin TX

With pressure treated pine, basically the wood is placed in a pressurized environment and a solution of micronized copper azole (MCA) is forced into the wood, leaving a very slight greenish color. When pressure treated pine is new, it is so full of fluid that it even feels wet to the touch.  Over time the liquid all evaporates but the chemical still protects the wood. When I refer to the good, the bad and the ugly of pressure treated wood, I am referring to the advantages as well as the drawbacks to using pressure treated pine.

Pressure treated deck by Archadeck of Austin

Close up view of pressure treated wood

The good aspect is that it is the least expensive deck material available. It has a strong weather resistance. It is guaranteed not to rot or decay and is offers a high resistance to wood eating insects.

The bad aspect it that it requires higher maintenance. Choosing pressure treated will require sealing or staining at the very minimum every year. It is also less attractive than cedar or other softwoods. It is also more prone to knots than other softwoods as well.

Now for the ugly part. The same virtues that make pressure treated resistant to rot, decay and wood eating insects, creates other problems like shrinkage, splitting, cupping, and  makes the wood more prone to checking. The warranty will only cover rot, decay, insects and structural integrity on pressure treated pine. The warranty does NOT include shrinkage or other issues.

The great thing about pressure treated material is that if you’re trying to hold to a tight budget, you can get more deck for your money by using pressure treated, but you have to be prepared to spend the time and money it will take to maintain the pressure treated. You will also have to cope with the heavy saturation of fluid that is present in the material itself. On the first application it is good to wait a month before  staining to give the water time to evaporate from the wood.

Pressure treated deck by Archadeck of Austin

Pressure treated deck by Archadeck of Austin

To better understand the terminology that is used when referring to pressure treated wood I have compiled a list of the commonly used terms and their meanings. Seasoned builders use these terms as second nature. Any homeowner considering a deck or other outdoor structure built using pressure treated wood should become familiar with these terms and their meanings.

  • Shrinkage is the decrease in the dimensions of the wood itself  by the loss of moisture content.
  • Checking means a lengthwise  separation in the wood  which is caused by stresses the wood is put under while it is seasoned.
  • Splitting is when the wood splits, this can happen in large or small sections of the wood.
  • Cupping means the board is distorted away from the straight line that runs the width of the board.
  • Twisting occurs when one corner of a piece of wood twists out of the plane of the boards around it.
  • MCA is the chemical used as the preservative in pressure treated woods. MCA stands for micronized copper azole.
  • Rot and decay entails the breakdown of the woods structural properties usually by outside forces such as water, moisture and in some scenarios condensation, humidity and lack of proper air flow.
  • Wood Insects are insects that eat wood . There are a side variety of insects that feed off wood the most well-known being the termite.
  • Wood Knots are located at the hard mass of wood where the branch joins the trunk of the tree. They are quite desirable for aesthetic appeal and are coveted in custom furniture making,  but knots can lead to warping and cracking in some cases.

As is the case with any material that you decide upon to build your outdoor structure, knowing the pros and cons before you break ground is of the essence. Pressure treated woods are great for the budget minded but the value you receive is consistent with your desires and budget.

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Jim Odom Archadeck of Austin

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